Two-Way Radio Repairs, Tune-Ups, Programming

Airtime Communications understands that your two-way radios are an essential part of your business. If you have radios that are in need of check-up, tuning or repair,
Airtime Communications can provide effective and dependable repair services that are fast and cost effective.

Exceptional Radio Services for Your Communication Needs

Looking for professional Motorola radio programming near me? Look no further than Airtime Communications. Our highly trained technicians provide reliable programming services to ensure that your radios are customized to meet your specific communication needs.

Stocks OEM Parts:

At Airtime Communications, we use only the highest quality OEM parts to ensure the reliability and longevity of your radios. Our extensive inventory of parts allows us to quickly repair and maintain your radios with minimal downtime.


We believe in providing our clients with exceptional service, which is why we take our warranty program seriously and ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our work.

Loaner Radios:

We understand the critical nature of communication in your business, which is why we are here to offer loaner radios. Our loaner radios are high-quality and dependable, ensuring that you can stay productive and efficient throughout the repair process.

Minimize Downtime:

At Airtime Communications, we understand that every minute of downtime can have an impact on your operations. That’s why we offer reliable services to minimize downtime and keep your communication systems up and running.

Airtime Communications: Your One-Stop Shop for Two-Way Radio Solutions

  • Repair Services: Keep Your Radios Running
    Constantly searching “Walkie Talkie Repair Near Me” is still not getting good results? Our team of experienced technicians is well-equipped to handle all kinds of two-way radio repairs. OEM parts to ensure that your radios function optimally.
  • Programming Services: Custom Solutions for Your Business
    End your search for “Two Way Radio Repair Near Me” at Us! We understand the importance of effective communication in business, and our programming services are designed to ensure that your radios are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Tuning Services: Optimize Your Radios’ Performance
    Proper tuning is essential to ensure that your radios operate at optimal performance levels. At Airtime Communication, we use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to tune your two-way radios.

Provides Professional grade
Two-Way Radio Solutions.

Whether for Purchase or Rental, Airtime Communications
provides professional grade Two-Way Radio Solutions.