RD982i-S 100-Watts

RD982i-S 100 Watts

RD982i-S 100-Watts

Hytera RD982i-S 100-Watt DMR Repeater

The Hytera RD982i-S 100W Repeater stands out as a superior version of the RD982i DMR Digital Repeater. Designed for use in DMR trunked radio frameworks (Tier III), it seamlessly integrates with both classic analog and contemporary digital modes. With a power capacity of up to 100W, it ensures remarkable coverage, making it ideal for DMR simulcast and Hytera XPT systems.

  • Key Features:
    • The Hytera RD982i-S 100W DMR Repeater is an advanced version of the RD982i DMR digital relay.
    • Consistent performance from 5W to 100W with 100% duty cycle.
    • Capacity for up to 16 distinct channels.
    • Dual voice pathways in digital mode for simultaneous communication.
    • Intelligent mode detection: switches between analog and digital.
    • Enables IP site connectivity.
    • Features for repeater diagnostics and management.
    • Integrated with the XPT Network Management System.
    • Equipped with an external power source.
    • Customizable startup logo.
    • Menu display available in multiple languages.
    • Versatile CTCSS/CDCSS support in analog, mixed channels.
    • Fully compatible with XPT digital trunking systems.

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