IP501M Mobile LTE Radio

The IP501M LTE mobile PTT radio leverages Icom's LTE-CONNECT network to offer real-time communication over vast distances. Designed for individual, group, or broadcast calls, this device mimics the functionality of traditional two-way radios. Its unique advantage lies in bypassing the need for separate repeaters or an IP network, eliminating associated setup and maintenance costs. Ideal for space-constrained vehicles, the IP501M also includes Ethernet ports, laying the groundwork for future GPS integration and additional features.

  • Key Features:
    • Send and receive text messages with a 32-character limit.
    • Safety features include Emergency Call and Lone Worker options.
    • Supports diverse call types: Individual, Group, Talkgroup, MultiGroup.
    • Interface other devices using a D-SUB 25-pin connector and optional OPC-2407 cable.
    • Ignition Sensing function via ACC connector.
    • Background noise minimization with TX Noise Canceling.
    • Enhanced user interface and mounting options with optional HM-230HB COMMANDMIC.

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