IP-100H handheld wireless network transceiver

Icom proudly presents the IP-100H, a pioneering handheld transceiver that seamlessly merges the realms of licensed and license-free radio communication. Effortlessly integrating into pre-existing wireless networks, this innovative device promises crystal-clear, full-duplex communication, ensuring your messages are heard loud and clear.

Built upon a WLAN-based radio system, the IP-100H champions scalable and unlicensed communication, utilizing conventional wireless network products for its robust infrastructure. Step into the future of unfettered, reliable communication with a system that assures uncompromised sound quality and effortless connectivity, all without the need for a license.

  • Key Features:
    • Simple to Configure and Utilize
    • Accommodates Concurrent Communication for 100 Users
    • Enhanced Communication Security with Encryption
    • Communication Range Limited Only by IP Network Scope
    • Free of License Fees and Call Charges
    • The IP100H excels in various environments, such as:
    • Warehouses: Enhancing logistic communications.
    • Restaurants/Cafés: Streamlining service and order discussions.
    • Hotels/Museums: Facilitating inter-departmental interactions.
    • Shopping Malls/Department Stores: Bolstering retail staff coordination.
    • Security/Guards: Amplifying secure and synchronous dialogues.
    • Hospitals/Care: Ensuring prompt healthcare communication.

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