IC-FR5300 / FR6300


IC-FR5300 / FR6300

These units boast a strong 50 W output (conditions apply) and are designed for intensive use across 32 channels. They seamlessly integrate traditional analog FM and the advanced IDAS™ digital mode and offer versatile mixed-mode operations. Enhance your network's reach with the optional UC-FR5300 board, unlocking IP network capabilities. This series is not just a piece of equipment; it's a scalable solution for diverse configurations, from multi-site to simulcast conventional systems and even Type-D trunking. Join the ranks of global professionals who trust the IC-FR5300/FR6300 series for their critical communication needs.
  • One Platform for All Your System Configurations

    • One Platform for All Your System Configurations
    • IDAS Simulcast: Enhanced area coverage.
    • IP Remote Control: Manage systems from afar.
    • Trunking Flexibility: Single and multi-site options.
    • Simulcast Conventional: Synchronized multi-transmitter broadcasting.
    • Multi-Site Connectivity: Link various locations seamlessly.
    • Efficient Single Site Trunking: Optimized local communication.
    • Expansive Multi-Site Trunking: Wide-area network coverage.
    • Dual-Function Design: Space-saving, multifunctional chassis.

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