IC-F9511HT VHF P25 Conventional and Trunked 110W Transceiver
The Icom IC-F9511HT is equipped with P25 VHF conventional and trunking capabilities. Individual channels can be assigned to analog conventional, P25 conventional, or P25 trunking all within the same radio. The radio is VHF 136-174MHz, 110W, with 512 channels and 128 zones. The controller and RF unit are dust and splash resistant, equal to IP54. Voice scrambler with inversion function built in.
  • High power mobile VHF transceiver with industry-leading analog and digital P25 features.

    • High-powered 110W RF output in a compact size
    • Separate controller for flexible installation, with three cable length options
    • Comprehensive full keypad
    • Durable build with IP54 dust and splash resistance
    • Standard-equipped self-grounding microphone
    • P25 VHF for both conventional and trunking communication
    • Compatible with other P25 standard equipment for interoperability
    • Supports both digital and mixed mode operation
    • Offers 512 channels across 128 zones
    • Memory capacity for 100 individual IDs and 250 talk groups
    • Optional AES and DES encryption modes with additional hardware

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