IC-F9511 / F9521T/S


IC-F9511 / F9521T/S

IC-F9511/F9521 T/S VHF P25 Conventional and Trunked Transceivers
The F9511/F9521 heavy duty mobile radios, designed for today's public safety vehicles, offer a variety of installation and power options. The F9511/F9521 heavy-duty mobile radios support both analog conventional and P25 digital conventional operation. Add the P25 trunked option to connect to local, regional, or statewide P25 systems. To allow for efficient placement and usage of the radio, both standard under-dash mounting and remote mount configurations are offered. The 110W high-power VHF variant provides sufficient power for rural and remote operations. The control head's water-resistant grade of IP54 ensures that the vehicle's interior is protected during occasional or obligatory cleaning. Assignable function buttons with configurable LED covers offer for greater user freedom and rapid access to functionalities. The backlit auto-dim feature improves display visibility and reduces eye fatigue during night driving.
  • Featured for the first responder

    • Output power of 50W for robust performance
    • Two models: T-version with a full keypad, S-version with a simplified keypad
    • Durable design featuring IP54 certification for dust and splash resistance
    • Standard P25 VHF capabilities for both conventional and trunking communication
    • Compatible with other P25 compliant devices for seamless interoperability
    • Supports digital and mixed mode operations
    • Equipped with 512 channels, distributed over 128 zones
    • Memory capacity includes storage for 100 individual IDs and 250 talk groups
    • Optional AES and DES encryption modes available through additional hardware
    • Features radio stun/kill and power-on password for secure use (in P25 digital mode)

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