IC-F9011 / F9021T/S/B


IC-F9011 / F9021T/S/B

IC-F9011/F9021 T/S/B VHF P25 conventional and trunked transceivers

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of public safety professionals, the IC-F9011 and F9021 transceivers seamlessly blend heavy-duty performance with versatile functionality. These radios excel in both analog conventional and P25 digital conventional operations, with an optional upgrade for P25 trunked systems compatibility. This allows seamless integration into local, regional, or statewide P25 networks, ensuring broad communication coverage.

    • Model Variants: Choose from three distinct models tailored to your needs - the full-keypad T-version, the simplified S-version, or the basic B-version without LCD or keypad.
    • Ease of Use: Designed for intuitive use, even with gloves
    • P25 Compliance: Offers standard P25 VHF conventional and trunking capabilities, promoting interoperability with other P25 equipment
    • Versatile Operation Modes: Supports digital and analog mixed-mode operations
    • Secure Communication: Features encryption options including AES and DES (with additional hardware)
    • Enhanced Visibility: T/S models boast a large display for clear visibility
    • Powerful Output: Delivers a robust 6W RF output powered by a 3040mAh Li-ion battery
    • Rugged Build: With IP57 dust-tight and waterproof protection
    • Clear Audio: A 1000mW audio output powered by a built-in BTL amplifier
    • Hands-Free Capability: Incorporates VOX function for convenient hands-free operation

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