IC- F5122DD/ F6122DD 


IC- F5122DD/ F6122DD 

IC-F5122DD / F6122DD VHF/UHF Data transceivers
The F5122DD / F6122DD operates on licensed VHF/UHF frequencies and produces 25W of high output power from a MIL-STD robust chassis. This general-purpose transparent data modem also has serial and Ethernet ports for more versatility, a data encryption capability (500 codes), and 128 channels.
  • General Purpose Transparent Data Modem

    Application Uses:
    • Management of agricultural vehicles
    • Systems for monitoring traffic
    • Environmental and weather tracking
    • Management of utilities, including water and electricity metering
    • Coordination of airport ground vehicles
    • Oversight of oil infrastructure, including pipelines and drilling
    • Traffic control for road and highway construction
    • Various applications in gate control
    Technical Specifications:
    • Data rates: 9600bps at 12.5kHz, 4800bps at 6.25kHz, with programmable data mode
    • Available in RS-232 and combined RS-232 + Ethernet models
    • Supports individual, group, and broadcast calls
    • PC command control for memory channel selection
    • Equipped with a BNC antenna connector
    • Rapid data transmission using 4-level FSK modulation, ideal for live data monitoring
    • RF output power with three settings: 25W, 10W, and 2.5W
    • Secure data with an encryption feature (500 codes)
    • Optional accessories: CS-F5120DD Programming Software and OPC-2218LU USB Programming Cable

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