IC- F3003 /F4003


IC- F3003 /F4003

IC-F3003 / F4003 VHF/UHF handheld transceiver

Discover the IC-F3003 / F4003 series, where affordability meets high functionality in two-way radios. This range is designed for users who need reliable, easy-to-use communication devices packed with essential features. With enhancements over previous models, these radios deliver clear, powerful audio output thanks to an advanced BTL amplifier and a large 45mm speaker, ensuring messages are heard even in noisy environments.

  • Maximizing Communication with Cost-Effective Solutions
    • Streamlined Communication: Engineered for simplicity, enabling immediate and effective communication.
    • Exceptional Audio Quality: Features a robust 800mW output for loud and clear audio
    • Durability Certified: Boasts an IP54 rating alongside MIL-STD-810 compliance
    • Extended Operation: Optimized power usage provides longer battery life for sustained performance
    • Integrated Signaling Capability: Comes with built-in CTCSS/DTCS tones
    • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes MDC1200 PTT ID and an emergency signal function
    • Hands-Free Usage: Supports an internal VOX function for easy voice-activated operation
    • Complete Charging Kit: Comes standard with a desktop charger (BC-192) and AC adapter (BC-147S), depending on the package selected

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