IC-F3400D / F4400D 


IC-F3400D / F4400D 

IC-F3400D / F4400D VHF/UHF handheld transceiver

The IC-F3400D / F4400D series marks a significant advancement in Icom's portfolio of digital two-way business radios. This innovative lineup brings together a sleek design, exceptional performance, and a host of features tailored for professional use. Each model is equipped with integrated GPS, cutting-edge 'Active Noise Cancelling' technology, digital voice replay capabilities, and a USB port for straightforward programming and efficient data exchange. Offered in distinct variants for both VHF and UHF frequencies, these radios boast a compact, waterproof design and are outfitted with a vivid, high-resolution color LCD screen.

  • Icom’s Next Generation IDAS™ Portables

    • Seamless Connectivity: Enjoy hands-free communication with the integrated Bluetooth module.
    • Clear Communication: Active noise cancelling and digital voice recording
    • Precise Navigation: Built-in GPS receiver
    • Versatile Channels: The F3400D model features 32 channels across 2 zones
    • Robust Power: Delivers a solid 5W output
    • IDAS Compatibility: Fully supports Icom's IDAS technology
    • Expandable System: Offers the option for a digital trunking upgrade
    • Optimal Visibility: Features a high-resolution, transreflective color LCD

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