Rent Icom F3230D/F4230D Handheld Transceiver


IC-F3230D / F4230D 

IC-F3230D / F4230D Series VHF/UHF handheld transceiver

The IC-F3230D / F4230D series represents the pinnacle of Icom's innovation in digital two-way radio technology. These handheld transceivers are equipped for IDAS™ multi-site trunking, offering seamless communication over extensive networks. Crafted with a focus on durability, they boast an IP67 rating, ensuring comprehensive protection against water and dust ingress.

  • IDAS Multi-site Trunking with Superior Waterproof Protection
    • IDAS™ Digital Trunking: Delivers robust digital network communication
    • IP67 Rated Durability: Offers exceptional waterproof and dust-tight performance
    • Enhanced Audio Clarity: Engineered to provide clear audio output in noisy environments
    • Voice Channel Announcement: Features a convenient channel announcement function
    • Compact Display: Equipped with an 8-character LCD
    • Efficient Roaming: Incorporates roaming scan capabilities

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