IC-F1100D / F2100D Series


IC-F1100D / F2100D Series

IC-F1100D / F2100D Series VHF/UHF handheld transceiver

Elevate your communication with the IC-F1100D series, the latest in affordable IDAS™ digital handheld radios, advancing beyond the IC-F1000D series. This new collection includes base models without displays (IC-F1100D, IC-F2100D) and versions equipped with LCDs, offering both ten-key and simple keypads (IC-F1100DT/DS, IC-F2100DT/DS). Experience unparalleled audio with Icom's bespoke speaker designed for high power output, delivering an industry-leading 1500 mW of crisp, clear sound. The radio's design is both compact and ergonomic, ensuring it is easy to carry, while also being sealed against dust and water for durable, dependable use. Coupled with a long-lasting battery life, this series promises consistent performance.

    • Superior Audio Output: Boasts a custom speaker capable of producing 1500 mW loud, clear audio
    • Robust & Portable Design: Features a compact form factor that's not only easy to handle but also waterproof and dustproof
    • Advanced Safety Functions: Incorporates motion and stationary detection, along with Man Down and Lone Worker alerts
    • Extended Battery Life: Offers up to 18 hours of operational time with the included BP-280 battery pack
    • Versatile Digital Connectivity: Supports IDAS conventional and Type-D single-site trunking
    • AquaQuake™ Technology: Utilizes the AquaQuake function to expel water from the speaker grill
    • Quick Dial Features: Equipped with DTMF autodial memories

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