The A25 series elevates air band communication to new heights, blending unmatched power with resilient design. Boasting an impressive 6 watts of output power and an IP57 rating for water resistance, these handheld radios are designed to perform flawlessly, regardless of weather conditions. The series is powered by a robust 2350mAh Li-ion battery, ensuring extended usage times for those long flights.
  • Core Features for Optimal Performance
    • Intuitive Operation: Features user-friendly graphic interfaces and a responsive flat sheet keypad
    • Extended Battery Life: Equipped with a large-capacity battery and a dedicated screen to monitor battery status
    • Versatile Scanning Options: Offers VFO, memory-channel, and priority scanning capabilities, alongside a convenient "flip-flop" channel recall for the last 10 channels used
    Advanced Navigation Capabilities
    • Seamless Connectivity: Incorporates built-in Bluetooth for secure, hands-free operation
    • Precision GPS Navigation: Integrated GPS functionality supports waypoint navigation, allowing for the storage of up to 10 flight plans and 300 waypoints
    • Comprehensive VOR Tracking: Delivers multiple VOR navigation functions
    • Ground Station Accessibility: Features a near station function to effortlessly locate nearby ground communication points
    • Flight Planning Made Easy: Enables flight plan creation and management through compatible Android and iOS applications

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