IC-A220 VHF Airband Transceiver

The new Icom IC-A220 is more adaptable and feature-rich than any other panel-mounted com transceiver on the market. The unique Organic LED display is brighter, more contrasty, and offers a wider viewing angle. Other features include a built-in voice-operated two-way intercom with separate volume and squelch controls, 14v or 28v operation, an instant 121.5 emergency button, active/standby flip/flop frequency selection, a powerful 8-watt transmitter with 8.3 kHz compatibility, and NOAA weather channels. The IC-A220 also enables you to listen to the standby frequency and interfaces with most GPS devices, allowing you to transmit frequencies directly from the GPS database to the radio.

  • Air to Ground Panel Mount Transceiver - TSO Approved

    • FAA TSO Certified: Meets high aviation standards.
    • High Visibility & Readability Display: Ensures easy reading of information.
    • User-Friendly Channel Selection: Simplifies navigation between channels.
    • Automatic Squelch Function: Adjusts squelch level based on signal strength.
    • Built-in DC-DC Converter: Compatible with 12V/24V DC power sources.
    • Automatic Weather Channel Scanning: Keeps pilots updated with weather conditions.
    • Dualwatch and Priority Watch Functions: Enhances monitoring of important frequencies.
    • Built-in Voice Activated Intercom: Facilitates communication between pilot and co-pilot.

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