IC-A120 VHF Air Band Mobile Radio

Icom's A120 air band mobile phone that includes two new features: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Bluetooth® connectivity. This newly introduced built-in ANC minimizes background noise and is particularly effective in extremely busy airport situations. The automated noise limiter (ANL) eliminates pulse-type noises, such as engine ignition. Plug in the optional UT-133A Bluetooth® device and connect a third-party wireless Bluetooth® headset.

  • Top Performance Mobile Airband Radios Optional Bluetooth.

    • Features Enhanced Wireless Bluetooth Integration
    • Designed for Clear Visibility and Effortless Use
    • Advanced Active Noise Reduction for Incoming and Outgoing Audio
    • Certified IP54 for Resistance Against Water and Dust
    • Innovative ON-Hook Scanning and Dual-Watch Capabilities
    • Incorporates Side Tone Functionality - Accommodates Up to 200 Channels
    • Powerful 36W (P.E.P) RF Output for Robust Performance

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