Ultra-thin, discreet digital two-way radio

Experience sleek communication with the Hytera X1pi, a digital two-way radio that epitomizes slimness and lightness. This portable radio is the epitome of discreet communication, combining durability and flexibility in a refined design. It features a clear LCD screen and keypad, making it ideal for sophisticated, covert operations.

  • Key Features:
    • Dynamic Alias Functionality: Offers over-the-air alias for user convenience.
    • Integrated Voice and GPS: Combines clear voice communication with GPS functionality.
    • Secured Conversations: Ensures private and secure communication channels.
    • Vibration Alerts: Provides discreet notifications through vibration.
    • Range Notification: Includes out-of-range alerts in Repeater Mode Operation.
    • Rapid GPS Positioning: Enhanced Quick GPS for swift and accurate location tracking.
    • Flexible Mode Switching: Easily toggles between trunked and conventional modes.
    • Streamlined Communication: Features optimized Push-to-talk for efficient operation.

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