Explore the RD982, a DMR repeater that adheres to open standards, offering versatile connectivity options. This repeater is designed for seamless internet integration, enabling connections across multiple sites and compatibility with Hytera Smart Dispatch and various third-party GPS dispatching software. The RD982S model presents an opportunity for future trunking upgrades to meet growing capacity needs. For organizations transitioning to digital, the RD982's analog version offers a smooth and efficient migration path.

  • Key Features:
    • Versatile Operation Modes: Supports both Analog and Digital modes for operational flexibility.
    • Robust Output: Delivers a high power output of 50W.
    • Channel Capacity: Features 16 channels for diverse communication needs.
    • Efficient Cooling: Designed with a system for effective heat dissipation.
    • Comprehensive Management: Compatible with specialized management software for streamlined operations.
    • Innovative Display: Boasts an innovative LED design for clear status indication.
    • Expandable Interface: Equipped with expansion ports for additional functionalities.
    • Enhanced Audio: Offers Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming for superior sound quality.
    • Identification Feature: Includes Continuous Wave Identification (CWID) for easy recognition.
    • Wide Area Coverage: Capable of connecting multiple sites via IP for extensive reach.
    • Advanced Communication: Utilizes Advanced TDMA Technology for efficient spectrum use.
    • Diagnostic Capabilities: Features Repeater Diagnostic And Control (RDAC) for maintenance and monitoring.
    • Cross-Compatibility: Ensures interoperability across various systems.
    • Decoding Options: Supports multiple CTCSS/CDCSS decode settings.
    • Access Control: Implements Repeater Access Management for secure communication.
    • Analog Compatibility: Provides Analog Repeater Knockdown feature for legacy systems.

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