PD982i UL913

PD982i UL913

PD982i UL913


Innovatively Secure and Robust Digital Radio

Experience the fusion of portability and reliability with the PD982i UL913, a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) meticulously engineered for use in areas prone to explosive gases and dust. This lightweight and compact radio transcends the limitations of standard communication devices by being intrinsically safe, adhering to the UL913/TIA4950 safety standards. It's an ideal tool for workers in hazardous settings, facilitating secure and effective communication. Moreover, the PD982i UL913 stands out as an economically viable solution, equipped with advanced functionalities tailored for the demanding needs of public safety professionals, business enterprises, and diverse commercial sectors.

  • Key Features:
    • Tailored for Explosive Environments
    • Safety-Certified (UL913/TIA4950)
    • Long-Lasting Li-ion Battery
    • IP68 Dust and Water Resistance
    • Integrated GPS and RF Antenna for Precision
    • Enhanced Signal Stability and Sensitivity
    • Prolonged Battery Life
    • Improved Voice Clarity
    • Emergency Alarm Function
    • Secure Communication with DMR Encryption
    • Optional Single Frequency Repeater Mode
    • Optional Micro SD Card for Expanded Storage

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