Intrinsically-safe digital two-way radio

Introducing the Hytera PD792i-Ex, a robust handheld digital two-way radio, complete with a screen and full keypad. This device is meticulously engineered to comply with European Atex directives, FM standards, and IEC standards, making it an ideal choice for challenging environments that demand highly safe and intrinsically-safe communication tools.

  • Key Features:
    • Enhanced User Safety: Prioritizes user safety in hazardous conditions.
    • High-Capacity, Safe Battery: Equipped with a durable and secure Li-Ion battery.
    • Superior Audio Clarity: Leverages DMR Technology for clear and reliable communication.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use in demanding situations.
    • Accurate GPS Positioning: Integrated GPS for precise location tracking.
    • Optimized Circuit Design: Improved PCB layout and EMC shielding for enhanced performance.
    • Silicone Encapsulation Innovation: Offers additional protection and durability.
    • Electrostatic-Free Construction: Features an innovative design to minimize static interference.
    • IP67 Rated Protection: Ensures resistance to dust and water immersion.
    • Patented Battery Security: Includes a unique battery latch mechanism for added safety.

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