PD782i UL913 61


PD782i UL913 61


Advanced Intrinsically Safe Digital Handheld Radio

Discover the advanced Hytera PD782i UL913, a digital radio with a comprehensive keypad that combines cutting-edge features and exceptional build quality for dependable, secure communication. Certified with UL913, this radio is an indispensable tool for sectors such as utilities, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other demanding industrial environments.

  • Key Features:
    • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface
    • Sturdy and Dependable Construction
    • Exceptional Audio Clarity
    • Enhanced Channel Capacity with Improved Spectrum Efficiency
    • Robust, Secure Communication Features
    • Seamless Roaming Capabilities
    • Integrated GPS for Voice and Location Tracking
    • Advanced Scanning Functionality
    • Precise GPS Positioning
    • Flexible Dual Mode: Analog and Digital
    • Upgraded, Rapid GPS Connectivity
    • Support for Multiple Analog Signal Types
    • Diverse Voice Call Options
    • Easily Upgradeable Software

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