Hytera PD752i Digital Two Way Radio

The Hytera PD752i stands out as a top-tier two-way radio, highly valued in the United States for its robust construction and reliability. Designed to withstand challenging conditions, the PD752i series is a preferred choice for users requiring a durable walkie-talkie. These radios are available in both UHF and VHF models and support operation in both analog and digital modes. The design of the Hytera PD752i goes beyond Military Specifications, ensuring resistance to dust, water immersion, and impact from drops up to five feet onto concrete. It boasts a luminous LCD Display, ensuring clear visibility in both brightly lit and dark environments.

  • Key Features:
    • Ergonomic and User-Centric Design
    • Built for Toughness and Reliability
    • Exceptional Voice Clarity
    • Optimized Spectrum Usage for Increased Channel Capacity
    • Advanced Communication Security
    • Effortless Roaming Capabilities
    • Integrated Voice and GPS Functionality
    • Comprehensive Scanning Feature
    • Accurate GPS Positioning System
    • Flexible Operation in Both Analog and Digital Modes
    • Rapid and Efficient GPS Lock
    • Supports a Range of Analog Signaling Protocols
    • Flexible Voice Calling Features
    • Easily Updatable Software for Future-Proofing

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