Robust and Reliable Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Digital Radio

Regarded as one of the most robust two-way radios on the U.S. market, the Hytera PD702i stands out for its exceptional build quality. Designed for users who demand a rugged, heavy-duty communication tool, the PD702i series excels in the most challenging conditions. Offering versatility with both UHF and VHF options, these radios adeptly handle both analog and digital communication needs. The Hytera PD702i is constructed to surpass military-grade specifications, ensuring resilience against dust, water, and impacts from drops up to five feet onto concrete surfaces.

  • Key Features:
    • 32 Communication Channels
    • Versatile Operating Modes: Analog, Digital, and Dual
    • Integrated Emergency Button
    • AGC Voice Technology for Clearer Sound in Noisy Environments
    • Extended Battery Life: Up to 15 Hours in Digital Mode
    • Durable and Waterproof Construction
    • Secure Communication: Digital Encryption and Analog Scramble Options

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