PD682i UL913


PD682i UL913


Intrinsically Safe Digital Migration Radio

The PD682i UL913, expertly crafted by Hytera, is a cutting-edge digital migration radio, specifically tailored for use in hazardous environments where explosive gases and combustible dust are present. This radio is a perfect fit for those who require communication tools that prioritize safety in such challenging conditions. Hytera has focused its efforts on developing radios that not only meet but exceed the safety needs of a wide range of customers.

  • Key Features:
    • Compact and Streamlined Design
    • Certified IP67 for Durability
    • Dependably Tough Construction
    • Efficient Pseudo Trunking Technology
    • Enhanced Secure Communication Protocols
    • Comprehensive DMRA Data Services
    • Optional GPS Positioning for Accurate Tracking
    • Optional Man Down Alert for Added Safety
    • Expandable via Development Port
    • Additional Functionalities for Versatile Use
    • Priority Communication with Radio Interruption Feature
    • Sophisticated Advanced Signaling System

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