PD662i UL913

Hytera Product - PD662i UL913 - Intrinsically Safe Digital Migration Radio

PD662i UL913


Essentially Safe Digital Migration Radio

The PD662i UL913 from Hytera is expertly crafted for use in hazardous environments, such as areas with explosive gases and combustible dust. Recognizing the unique needs of these challenging settings, Hytera has focused on creating a radio solution that enhances safety without compromising on communication quality. This radio is an ideal choice for professionals who require reliable communication tools in potentially dangerous conditions.

  • Key Features:
    • Compact and Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and sleek for ease of use.
    • IP67 Rated: Ensures protection against dust and water immersion.
    • Durability and Dependability: Built to withstand rugged conditions.
    • Efficient Channel Management: Utilizes Pseudo Trunk for optimized channel usage.
    • Enhanced Security: Offers secure communication channels.
    • Comprehensive Data Services: Supports DMRA Data Service for advanced communication needs.
    • Optional GPS: Available GPS positioning for precise location tracking.
    • Safety Features: Includes an optional Man Down function for increased worker safety.
    • Expandability: Features a port for further development and customization.
    • Additional Capabilities: Supplementary features for versatile use.
    • Communication Control: Equipped with Radio Priority-Based Interruption for critical situations.
    • Sophisticated Signaling: Advanced signaling options for complex operations.

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