PD602i UL913



Intrinsically Safe Digital Migration Radio

The Hytera PD602i, available in UHF (4 watt) and VHF (5 watt) variants, offers a robust communication solution with 48 channels for diverse talk groups. Designed for durability, this radio is waterproof and can effortlessly endure a drop from five feet onto concrete, making it ideal for challenging environments. The Hytera PD602i series is equipped with an array of functionalities tailored to meet the rigorous demands of any worksite.

  • Key Features:
    • Compact Design: Slim and Lightweight
    • IP67 Certified: Dust and Water Resistant
    • Durability: Engineered for Toughness
    • Pseudo Trunking: Efficient Channel Usage
    • Enhanced Security: Encrypted Communication
    • DMRA Standard Data Service
    • Optional GPS Tracking: Location Services
    • Optional Safety Feature: Man Down Alert
    • Expansion Port for Additional Upgrades
    • Additional Capabilities: Supplementary Feature Set
    • Communication Control: Radio Interruption Priority
    • Extended Signaling Options

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