PD602i UL913


PD602i UL913


Intrinsically Safe Digital Migration Radio

The PD602i UL913 is a meticulously engineered digital migration radio, tailored for use in high-risk areas with flammable gases and dust. This model reflects Hytera's commitment to creating communication solutions that enhance safety in challenging and hazardous work environments.

  • Key Features:
    • Compact, sleek, and lightweight design
    • IP67 water and dust resistance
    • Robust and reliable build
    • Efficient Pseudo Trunking for channel management
    • Secure communication with encryption
    • DMRA compliant data service
    • Optional GPS positioning for accurate navigation
    • Man Down feature for enhanced safety (optional)
    • Development port for future expansions
    • Supplementary features for comprehensive functionality
    • Priority-based radio interruption for critical communications
    • Advanced signaling for efficient coordination

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