PD562i 23


PD562i 23


Dynamic and Sturdy Two-Way Digital Radio

Explore the capabilities of the Hytera PD562i 23, a highly versatile portable digital radio. It stands out for its robustness and comprehensive functionality, effortlessly bridging digital and analog communication. Tailored for sectors like manufacturing, events, and hospitality, the PD562i guarantees reliable performance with its enhanced safety features.

  • Key Features:
    • Ultra-Compact Design: Elegantly Small and Lightweight
    • Superior Battery Performance: Reliable for Extended Use
    • Dependably Tough: Constructed for Durability
    • Enhanced Battery Longevity for Consistent Operation
    • Resilient and Sturdy for Demanding Conditions
    • Cutting-Edge Communication with Advanced Signaling Techniques
    • Ensured Secure Communications
    • Compliance with DMRA Data Standards
    • Instant Communication via One-Touch Call/Text Features
    • Efficient Channel Allocation with Pseudo Trunk Technology
    • Additional Capabilities with Optional Supplementary Feature License
    • Versatile Communication Modes: Supports Both Analog & Digital

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