PD562i UL913


PD562i UL913


Versatile and Durable Digital Two-Way Radio 

Discover the advanced Hytera PD562i UL913, a portable digital radio that combines robust safety features with versatile communication capabilities. Ideal for environments needing Intrinsically Safe devices, the PD562i UL913 excels in both digital and analog modes, making it a flexible choice for varied communication needs.

  • Key Features:
    • Compact Design: Lightweight and Ergonomic
    • Extended Battery Performance
    • Built for Toughness: Durability Assured
    • Simplified Communication: One-Touch Call/Text
    • Dependable in All Conditions
    • Enhanced Signaling Capabilities
    • Encrypted Communications for Security
    • Compliant with DMRA Data Standards
    • Efficient Channel Utilization with Pseudo Trunk
    • Optional Advanced Features with License Upgrade
    • Emergency Alert Functionality
    • Dual Operation Modes: Seamless Analog & Digital Integration
    • Radio Registration for Efficient Management
    • Optional Single-site XPT Digital Trunking
    • Mixed Scan for Analog & Digital Channels
    • Versatile Operation: Dual Mode Capability

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