PD502i 22

PD502i 22

PD502i 22

Compact and Powerful Two-Way Digital Radio

Experience the innovative Hytera PD502i 22, a compact digital radio designed for efficiency and versatility. Renowned for its robust safety mechanisms, this radio seamlessly integrates digital and analog communication, making it a perfect fit for sectors like manufacturing, event management, and hospitality.

  • Key Features:
    • Ergonomically Designed: Sleek, Light, and Easy to Handle
    • Enhanced Battery Longevity for Extended Use
    • Constructed for Resilience and Dependability
    • High-Performance Long-lasting Battery
    • Built to be Strong and Enduring
    • Superior Signaling for Advanced Communication
    • Guaranteed Secure Communications
    • Compliance with DMRA Data Protocols
    • Simplified Interaction with One-Touch Call/Text
    • Efficient Resource Management with Pseudo Trunk
    • Optional Additional Features with License Upgrade
    • Flexible Operation with Dual Mode: Analog & Digital

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