PD502i UL913


PD502i UL913

Streamlined and Safe Digital Communication Tool
The Hytera PD502i UL913 stands as a superb choice for those beginning their journey in digital communication. Equipped with UL913 certification, this non-display digital portable radio is perfectly suited for use in hazardous areas, offering reliable performance and essential functionality.
  • Key Features:
    • Ergonomic Design: Compact and Lightweight
    • Extended Operational Life with Durable Battery
    • Built for Tough Conditions: Resilient and Dependable
    • Simplified Usage: One-Touch Calling and Messaging
    • Consistently Reliable and Hardy Construction
    • Sophisticated Signaling Options
    • Enhanced Secure Communication Capabilities
    • Compliant with DMRA Data Protocols
    • Efficient Channel Management with Pseudo Trunking
    • Optional Advanced Features via License Upgrade
    • Critical Safety Feature: Emergency Alarm System
    • Versatile Communication with Dual Mode (Analog & Digital)
    • Efficient Management with Radio Registration Service
    • Optional Single-site XPT Digital Trunking Capability
    • Flexible A&D Mixed Channel Scanning
    • Dual Operation Modes for Increased Versatility

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