Durable Digital Two-Way Radio with Advanced Connectivity Options

The Hytera PD482i stands out as a robust and user-friendly digital handheld radio, equipped with an OLED display and programmable keys. Enhanced with optional features like Bluetooth and GPS, this radio is a perfect match for sectors such as manufacturing, facilities management, and educational settings, offering simplicity and efficiency in communication.

  • Key Features:
    • User-Friendly Design: Ergonomic and Simple Operation
    • Versatile Communication: Supports Both Analog and Digital Modes
    • Crystal-Clear Audio Quality
    • Prolonged Usage with Durable Battery
    • Sturdy and Long-Lasting Build
    • Clear LED Display for Easy Viewing
    • Emergency Call Function for Safety
    • Comprehensive Scanning Capabilities
    • Voice-Operated Transmission (VOX) for Hands-Free Use
    • Convenient Text Messaging Feature
    • Integrated Real-Time Clock
    • Optional GPS Positioning for Accurate Location Tracking
    • Optional Bluetooth Connectivity for Wireless Use

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