Sleek and Efficient Digital Two-Way Radio

Embrace streamlined communication with the Hytera PD362i, a compact DMR radio designed for clarity in voice and text messaging. Its slim, pocket-friendly design makes it a superb choice for organizations of small to medium size seeking an affordable yet high-performing communication solution.

  • Key Features:
    • Sleek Design: Comfortably Lightweight and Ergonomic
    • Crystal-Clear Audio Quality
    • Versatile Functionality with Dual (Analog and Digital) Modes
    • Automatic Detection between Analog and Digital
    • Sturdy and Dependable for Long-Term Use
    • User-Friendly LED Display
    • Enhanced Battery Life for Extended Communication
    • Safety Feature: Emergency Call Function
    • Efficient Channel Scanning Capability
    • Hands-Free Communication with VOX Function

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