Commercial digital mobile radio, LCD display

Discover the MD622i, an economically advantageous DMR mobile radio, equipped with an LCD display. This radio is a perfect blend of functionality and affordability, offering a suite of impressive features. It excels in delivering far-reaching communication, sturdy construction, and crystal-clear voice quality. Its compact design makes it suitable for diverse operational needs across various sectors.

MD622i Mobile Radio Applications:
  • School Bus Communication
  • Towing Services Coordination
  • Taxi Fleet Management
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Farming and Agricultural Operations
  • Construction Site Communication
  • Logistics and Delivery Coordination
  • Key Features:
    • Extended Communication Range: Enhances talking distance for broad area coverage.
    • GPS Functionality: Offers optional GPS positioning for accurate location tracking.
    • Future Expansion: Remote control head feature to be introduced soon.
    • Versatile Signaling: Supports both analog signaling for traditional systems.
    • Robust Build: Engineered for reliability and durability in challenging environments.
    • Wireless Connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth for hands-free operation.
    • Seamless Mode Transition: Auto-detects and switches between analog and digital signals.
    • Efficient Channel Utilization: Features Pseudo trunking for optimized channel use.

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