BD502i/ BD552i


BD502i/ BD552i


Professional-Grade Digital Two-Way Radios for Business

Hytera introduces the BD502i and BD552i, two-way radios that blend ruggedness with simplicity for effective communication. The BD502i combines the versatility of both analog and digital operation, boasts 48 channels, provides crystal-clear digital sound, extends the range of talk, and delivers up to 16 hours of battery life. The BD552i elevates this experience with a sleek design, a user-friendly single-line display, seamless analog and digital mode switching, a vast 256-channel capacity, optional Bluetooth connectivity, repeater mode for extended coverage, and equally impressive battery endurance.

  • Key Features:
    • Dual Mode Operations: Analog and Digital
    • Automatic Mode Detection: Analog and Digital
    • Sturdy and Long-Lasting Design
    • Voice Announcements for Channels
    • Integrated Bluetooth in BD552i
    • High-Contrast OLED Display
    • Extended Battery Life for Long Usage
    • Superior Audio Quality for Clear Communication
    • Enhanced Anti-Interference Capabilities
    • Compliance with DMR Standards
    • Efficient Channel Utilization with Pseudo Trunking
    • Audio Announcements for User Convenience

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