MOTOTRBO CM300d-Models


CM series mobile two-way radio

The MOTOTRBO CM Series presents a dependable, cost-effective solution that keeps your team connected, facilitating seamless communication and coordination. This solution is tailored for daily drivers, enabling them to stay in touch without disruption, irrespective of whether they're engaged in freight delivery, truck dispatch, or operating a school bus. Easy to operate, the CM Series ensures crystal-clear communication, optimizing the effectiveness of your operations.

  • Key Features:
    • Analog and Digital Capabilities
    • Voice Connectivity
    • Two-Way Direct Capacity Mode
    • Numeric Interface (CM200d)
    • Alphanumeric Interface (CM300d)
    • Compliance with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standards1
    • Alignment with Narrowbanding Regulations
    • Synchronization with Radio Management Suite
    • Decode-only Transmit Interruption1
    • Basic Confidentiality1
    • Voice Notification
    • Rated IP54 for Resistance

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