Motorola’s CP200D Portable Two-Way Radio


CP200D Portable Two-Way Radio

The CP200d model offers a straightforward and cost-effective way to keep your team in sync. This radio blends the efficiency of two-way radio communication with the advancements of both analog and digital tech. Tailored for everyday use, the CP200d keeps users connected seamlessly. Being fully interoperable with the MOTOTRBO line of radios, it delivers exceptional sound quality, extensive coverage, and enduring battery life among other features. An analog-only version is also available, providing robust voice communications now, with the added advantage of being able to transition to digital when the time is right. No matter the demands, the CP200d presents an uncomplicated, reliable, and economical communication tool that assists teams in liaising, coordinating, and working together to accomplish tasks effectively.

  • Key Features:
    • Communication via Analog/Digital Voice
    • Dual Mode Direct Capacity
    • Transmission Interruption (Decode Exclusively)
    • Fundamental Privacy
    • Adjustable Voice Notification
    • Optional RFID Dial
    • Expanded Range in Direct Mode
    • Lone Employee Function
    • Emergency Signal
    • Radio Deactivation (Decode Exclusively)
    • Remote Supervision (Decode Exclusively)
    • Capability for Quik Call II / MDC1200
    • Audio Level Regulation in Rx
    • Automatic Control of Gain

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