Two-Way Radio Services

Two-Way Radio Repairs 

AirTime Communications understands that your two way radios are an essential part of your business. If you have radios that are in need of repair, AirTime Communications can provide effective and dependable repair services that are fast and cost effective.

We stock essential OEM parts to provide you with quick turn around. With our factory trained and certified repair service technicians we complete repairs on most radio models in a timely manner.

AirTime Communications also provides manufacturer's warranty for the duration of the equipment warranty period.

For customers that purchase service and maintenance contracts, AirTime Communications provides loaner radios for the duration of the repair. We can keep your staff productive and efficient by minimizing downtime.


Two-Way  Radio Vs. Cell Phone: Which is better for my Business?

Two Way Radios can provide the following that cell phones cannot:

  • Instant Connection to whole fleet: no waiting for the phone to ring
  • Controlled Air time: No Personal Calls
  • Fleet Monitoring: Affordable GPS Solutions
  • Low Monthly Cost: Controlled Fixed Airtime Packages
  • Local Repairs & No-Cost Warranties